brooches and bangles

Strong simple shapes characterise my jewellery, as these are best suited to the decorative treatments that interest me. This can take the form of intricate patterns photo-etched on to silver sheet then either fabricated and hand finished, or combined with a contrasting precious metal, sometimes frosted or satin finished. The aim is for a rich and decorative treatment, but keeping a clean contemporary look. A more restrained approach is to combine contrasting precious metals, in particular white and yellow golds, some pieces incorporating gem-stones to give extra colour and interest. I like to take as a starting point for a new design, a pattern or texture, then play these off against one another. Usually the piece will evolve during the making process, and this can then lead on to further ideas and variations. Ultimately the aim is for wearable, visually well-balanced pieces.

NDD, Graphic Design, Maidstone College of Art Dip Art & Design, specialising in Jewellery, Sir John Cass School of Art, London
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